Denver's Scariest Haunted Houses
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13th Floor Haunted House

This Halloween Season, explore the legend of the 13th floor at one of the most horrifying haunted house experiences ever, the 13th Floor Haunted House!

In most buildings, the 13th Floor does not exist. But hidden in this building, it’s very real. Experience the truth about the legend of the 13th Floor at a haunted house created from your darkest fears. Legends and nightmares alike will come to life at the 13th Floor: Denver's legendary haunted house, a gut-wrenching ride to untold nightmares 13 floors straight down!

Horror in the Heart of Denver! 3400 E. 52nd Ave. Denver, CO 80216.

This Halloween Season, explore the legend of the 13th Floor at one of the most horrifying haunted house experiences ever, the 13th Floor Haunted House!


Darkest Dreams

Darkest DreamsTranscend into a dream world of terror that would scare even the bravest of souls. A demonic entity pulls you into her nightmare where she gathers all creatures of horror. You can run, but you can’t hide from Nachtmah’s deadly grip. Attempt to escape her reality, or fall prey to the demented creatures she plans to unleash on all who enter her world. You are getting sleepy…


SLaughterResidents are slowly vanishing in the quiet, eerie town of Coalfell. Rumor has it that every 20 years an unusually high rate of murders with an increased number of disappearances strike the city, but no one will speak to the issue for fear they will be next. Strange reports describe terrorizing shape shifting creatures, most often seen as evil clowns. Trespassers beware, for these petrifying entities prefer new visitors. Stay focused on your visit to Coalfell, if you don’t you might just become their next permanent resident...

Undead: Restless Spirits

Undead: Restless Spirits A decaying mansion sits alongside a decrepit cemetery and mausoleums just outside of Denver. This seemingly abandoned manor is a permanent home to evil permanent residents who were unwittingly awakened by a local psychic, Madame Shelta. Now, unwelcomed trespassers will relive the horror of the lady of the house who took her own children’s lives after the house terrorized her and convinced her to kill them. That unfortunately, is not the end of the story. The grief-stricken husband, in a fit of rage, murdered his wife for her evil deeds before taking his own life. The house staff discovered the horrifying murder scene and made a blood vow to keep the family safe in this life-and the next. They staff will harm anyone who dares to disturb the tragic…and gruesome final resting place.

The Asylum Haunted House

Are you ready to GET SCARED?! FACE YOUR FEARS at the most insane haunted house of all Denver Haunted Houses!

6100 E. 39th Ave, Denver, CO 80207

“Within the walls of the legendary Nightmare Factory, a hidden passage was unearthed! This passage descended two levels into Gordon Cottingham's Hospital for the Mentally Insane, The Asylum. Much deeper and darker than the previous levels, the Asylum is a damp and musty place infested with spiders, rats, snakes and the endless screams of tortured souls.”

From the creators of the 13th Floor Haunted House and Nightmare Factory, The Asylum Haunted House is the scariest haunted adventure in all of Denver, Colorado! Featuring all new up-close and in-your- face frights for 2016!


Primitive Fear: Walkers

Primitive Fear: WalkersBloodshed paints the city red after an incurable virus has plagued humankind, leaving the undead desperate for flesh. Your job is to battle through bloodthirsty zombies in hopes of finding sanctuary from these demonic creatures. Can you and the last survivors of this town make it out alive? Or will you too start to feed on the brains of your companions?

Contagium: The Escape

Contagium: The EscapeEnter into the Asylum to discover a body of a victim lost to a ghastly disease waiting for you on an autopsy table. What begins as a tour quickly turns into a trap and a race against the clock for survival. You must work with your group to uncover clues in hopes of making your escape. But hurry, because the chamber where you make your mad search will eventually begin to fill with sedation gas. Get out before you’re the next one on the autopsy table…

Ridgegate: The Condemned

Ridgegate: The CondemnedWelcome to Ridgegate Hospital, where the dangerous and deranged patients are the least of your worries and fears. Doctors routinely take patients and visitors into the basement for rituals so horrifying, those who were sane, come out crazed, and those already crazed, return with a deeper, more sickening level of insanity. If you happen to make it past the tortuous staff, beware of the serial-killing nurse who has taken over 30 souls and counting. In Ridgegate, it can sometime be hard to determine who is a friend and who is foe. Don’t be fooled…the nightmarish staff and residents of Ridgegate will surprise you when you least expect it.