Denver's Scariest Haunted Houses
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13th Floor Haunted House

The biggest and baddest destination for haunted houses in Denver is back—tapping into your childhood nightmares this year, taking you deep down underground, and sticking a pin in the mystical practice of voodoo. Get ready to cut into the depths of your superstitious psyche, unleashing the fears that lurk inside day and night. Take a trip just south of the Denver Coliseum at I-70 and Brighton Boulevard where a dark portal rests between the railroad tracks and the South Platte River, and plunge into the depths of what lies beneath. A night of excitement and thrills await the spine tingling scares start from the moment you step out of your car.


Slasher Remix

Slasher RemixedYou remember the nightmares, don’t you? A masked psychopath with a chainsaw, a bladed hand, alone in a cabin in the woods. You tried to scream but nothing came out. No one could help you. Well, we’re sorry to say you don’t outgrow the fears of the slasher films of yesteryear... you just hide them away. This year, we’re resurrecting those exact memories, twisting the characters that haunted you the most, and making you face them as you try to make it out of the cabin in one piece. Will you overcome your nightmares this time around,? There is only one way to find out…

Undead: Abominations

Undead: AbominationsThe rumors and conspiracy theories are true. You are sure of it. You’ve heard about the subterranean labs deep beneath the hum drum surface of River North—the experiments, the mutations and the discarded bodies that are buried there far below the businesses and condos we see today. But there is no rest for the “Undead”; quite the contrary. Many of the subjects were experimented on and survived the now-abandoned lab and the mutations continued under the watchful eye of guards and quasi-scientists... until something unthinkable emerged from the bowels of the earth... an “Abomination”. Indeed, the walking corpses that now terrorize the deep dark passageways and nooks of the underground have begun to find their way out. Will your group make it through unscathed or will the Undead: Abomination take some of you for their ranks?

Cursed: The Ritual

Cursed: The RitualThe hamlet of Blackmoor has been overtaken by werewolves, which emerged from the nearby cemeteries cavernous crypts and tombs a year ago. But the mystery remains as to how the town’s citizens are taken into this dark wolven tribe. Cursed: The Ritual takes you back to before the “Feral Moon” awoke these ravenous creatures, when the living and the undead were revived by the act of necromancy of a local “bokor,” a sorcerer or witch. That’s right... VOODOO! These undead canine beasts can be traced back to Haitian roots and their red eyes are a sign the evil has taken possession—as goes the folklore. A zombie remains under the control of the bokor as a personal slave, having no will of its own, so you must be strong as you pass through these unhallowed grounds. Can you resist the call of the voodoo priestesses or will you be called into the order of the ritualistic, cursed werewolves like so many before you?

The Asylum Haunted House

A few miles east of downtown lies the secret resting ground for 200 lost souls—former adult and child residents and also doctors of the Ridgegate Asylum’—a dark chapter in Denver’s history. No record was made of the move to Northeast Park Hill and the remains and artifacts stored there on 39th and Kearney Street. Still, some 200 bodies are said to have been buried there, a strange resting place, considering at one time, the site was used as a schoolhouse for forgotten children. Now, there’s been a breach in the tomb and there are rumors that the maniacal deeds are being revisited upon the people of Denver. Will you become one of permanent asylum residents—as your own thoughts overtake you—or can you help contain the spirits that have been imprisoned there?


Primitive Fear: Anarchy

Primitive Fear: AnarchyAll hell has broken loose on the city streets as there’s whisperings of an opening in the walls meant to keep the residents in and the pitchforks and torches out. As luck would have it, the most notorious pair to ever call Ridgegate home, were the first to discover the pathway back to society. As if they had never left, they are now back in control. They run these streets along with their gang of misfit henchman. Their plan has been implemented - introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. What we call a crime spree, they call vindication. Who is this masked pair? We only know the names that the survivors have given them, Mr. and Mrs. Nice Guy, a reference to the smile laden masks they wear to conceal their true identity, and stifle their inner conflicts. They smile, because it confuses people. They smile, because it’s easier than explaining what is killing them inside. Don’t be yet another to be fooled by their smiles...

Post Mortem: The Escape

Post Mortem: The EscapeYou will enter the Asylum to find the body of a resident lost to disease and untreatable, waiting for you on an autopsy table. Within seconds you realize that what started as a tour, is now a trap! Desperately, you must work with a group of friends and strangers to uncover the clues and make your escape. You have only a short time to work together before the chamber begins filling with the sedation gas. You don’t want to be trapped there in an unconscious state...or you may be the next one on the table!

Ridgegate: The Deranged

Ridgegate: The DerangedUntold horrors were committed at what we now know as “Ridgegate”: electroshock treatments, bloodletting, surgery viewings for family members, grotesque lobotomies, and inhuman isolation guaranteed to drive even the most stable of residents over the edge. It is said that one could not tell the residents from the staff, were it not for the straightjackets so many were made to wear all hours of day and night. Were the conditions and medical experiments of the time safe? Who was watching the “doctors?” Some say they are there still there, passing judgment on all who enter. Can you honestly say that you aren’t maybe just a little bit “crazy?” Of course you are... you’d have to be crazy to come in here!