Denver's Scariest Haunted Houses
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13th Floor Haunted House

Where is the 13th Floor, and why is it absent in so many buildings? 

Come with us as we attempt to explain the legend of the 13th floor and introduce you to Denver's most horrifying haunted experience, the 13th Floor Haunted House.  Named one of America's Scariest Haunted Houses by such respected media outlets as, The Discovery Channel, MTV, The Travel Channel and USA Today!  This Halloween Season experience the haunted house that everyone is talking about, get your friends and Get Scared at the World Famous 13th Floor Haunted House!  New for 2014 reservation based Fast Pass and Immediate Access tickets are available!


Hallow House

Hallow HouseMr. Heykids, a retired professional clown, produced “Mr. Heykids’ Hallow House” and was always the talk of the town on Halloween- complete with the best decorations, spooky music, lights and a full clown show in the cabin out back. Obsessed with creating the ultimate Halloween spectacle, Mr. Heykids would don his clown costume and face paint, inviting the passing children to tour the infamous Hallow House.  That was until people began to go missing on Halloween and the town outlawed trick or treating, forcing Mr. Heykids to close the Hallow House forever.  Sixty years later, the house stands abandoned, the inside remains untouched. They say you can still hear the laughs of the clowns and the screams of children echoing from inside this Hallow House. Screams of laughter or screams of terror...guess it depends who’s doing the screaming.

Feral Moon

Feral MoonOn a distant hill overlooking the town of Blackmoor, lies a cemetery. This cemetery is filled with crumbling, cavernous crypts and tombs and has safely held a savage curse for nearly a century. If for nothing more than habit on the eve of a full moon, the town below prepares for the curse by locking their doors and boarding their windows despite the fact no incidents have been reported in their lifetime. The curse has been contained within the walls of the cemetery, allowing the creatures of the night a place to roam freely and feed in the moonlight. Serving as a reminder on these cursed nights, the people of Blackmoor can hear the faint echo of howls rising from the cemetery walls. But tonight, the echos have grown stronger. The barrier that has kept them safe for so long has collapsed without warning.  On the eve of this full moon, werewolves will once again ravage the town of Blackmoor. A modern interpretation of a classic monster of old, this Halloween season at 13th Floor is...Feral Moon!

Undead: What Lies Beneath

Undead: What Lies BeneathMany levels beneath the research facility, you will find many creatures and beasts from past experiments: some failed, some mutated and some that have simply gone awry. Taken by freight elevator to hopefully expire in a makeshift subterranean tomb, many of these creatures continue to thrive. To ensure no other failures, the facility is only maintained and staffed at minimum to ensure no one goes in and nothing comes out. The experiments dwelling below are growing restless. Despite all knowledge gained while conducting their research, the scientists have forgotten one important cannot simply kill the Undead.

The Asylum Haunted House

Within the walls of this legendary nightmare factory a hidden passage was unearthed! This passage descended two levels into Gordon Cottingham's Hospital for the Mentally Insane, The Asylum!  Much deeper and darker than the previous levels, The Asylum is a damp and musty place infested with spiders, rats, snakes, and the endless screams of the tortured souls.  Explore the abandoned relics of its horrid past and encounter the disembodied spirits of those who endured the atrocities of this wretched domicile.  Denver's favorite haunted house for over a decade, The Asylum...crazy doesn't cover it!


Primitive Fear: Patient Alpha

Primitive Fear: Patient AlphaThey were lied to. They were experimented on. They were left for dead and locked in the quarantine zone. First created by greed for limitless strength and speed, Patient Alpha, the super soldier can fight the hordes of the dead on a battlefield. Patient Alpha, and its mutated horde of undead drones, now run the quarantined town. Stay together and keep moving, rumors are there may be a key to survival and a potential cure in The Abandoned Asylum. Survival is our only hope.

Post Mortem: The Escape

Post Mortem: The EscapeNothing seems to work. No anti-virus has been developed and time is running out. Body after body is brought in and eviscerated with hope of finding a clue, anything to unravel the mystery. The virus continues to spread in the streets unabated. Perhaps the only way to truly learn how to tame the virus is to see how it takes hold of the living test subjects are needed. The virus has become fast acting and is now able to transmit from the dead to the living in a matter of minutes. If you find yourself trapped near those afflicted, whether living or dead, you must find a way out. The clock is ticking...

The Abandoned

The AbandonedTheir sickness was deemed untreatable- at least by the medical practices of the time. All resources had been exhausted and doctors were incapable of finding a cure. What could be done with them? They can’t reside with the unafflicted living. It seems the virus reacts differently with those deemed, “clinically insane”. The inner struggle exists between the sickness that wants to take hold and the power of an irrational mind. They must be kept locked away until a complete and final cure can be developed, but it could take years. They have lived in their fortress of solitude for decades, the inner battle continues, but one thing's certain: they-have-lived. Societies’ misunderstanding could be the biggest mistake. Is the key to life found among The Abandoned?